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I have been decorating people for over a period of 9 years and I feel blessed to be in this position wherein recipients put their trust in me. I have built a solid reputation with loyal clients and take pride in each individual tattoo. I tend to lean towards Japanese and oriental themes, geometrical/symetrical, sacred shapes and dotwork. I also have a strong background in traditional, realism, fine art and paint. My design is versatile and accommodates the many requests and tastes I meet in a custom studio making Xpose Tattoos the best studio in Jaipur

I like tattooing large scale dynamic work with good flow and composition, designs that are easily distinguished from a distance. I am always looking for new experiences pushing and learning from other tattoo artists and artists alike. A touch of difference is important to me in customizing my work, making it more interesting and unique for both me and my clients. My influences and inspirations come from many places and many great Artists.

My creative art positively affects my tattooing. I love both painting with oils and working with ink to create tattoo designs that often paying homage to my tattoo Heroes/heroines. All in all I love what I do and sharing it with others.A shop survives on reputation alone, and you can make a lot of great friends along the way! I will guide people, with the morals that have been instilled in me by my teachers and to the best of my experience and knowledge, to unearth what makes a good tattoo. We have got to take pride in the craft and culture of tattooing.

I look forward to meeting with you and discussing your tattoo. Sunil.

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